Thank you Annie! On your point around gut-based decisions, I gather what you're saying is that a well-honed intuition is not the biggest problem--I would imagine in sports, warfare, etc. naturalistic decision-making is more common. But not airing out your thought process is because it deprives others of the chance to correct you and you the chance of improving.

Love Chris' question--a very familiar challenge. In your answer to his question, you have shown how asking for a group's opinion separately and async adds value. It's instructive that doing so makes it a case of the whole being greater than the sum of the parts and themes emerge. But not seeking opinions independently and asynchronously has the opposite effect of the collective wisdom being much less than the combination of individual smarts in the room. What I've seen happen is that confidence is mistaken for competence and authority is mistaken for being right. Your suggested method circumvents both problems.

Thank you for the nuance in all your responses! Looking forward to the AMA :)

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