This is amazing, because as I was considering my comment to this article as I was reading it, I was thinking that I would have to mention Chris in my comment! So it's this:

Watching the SNL skit, it's incredible how much it foreshadows Netflix's *current* absurd announcements regarding their new pricing model. "We know you love the ease of having multiple profiles for one price, but we think you're taking advantage of it. So now you can have multiple profiles, but they have to appear to come from one location. Okay, we hear that that might not always work, so we've changed it so that the users have to be in the "home" location at least every 30 days.

Oh, you still think that's too unworkable? We've created a special new functionality where you need to request a special code that will be sent to your cell phone if it's located in your home!

We're surprised at how off-putting you found these tiny changes, but we know you'll appreciate how we've listened and figured out how to assuage your anger."

So...perhaps Netflix didn't quite learn the first time around, huh?

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Well...when you put it this way! That is a great recap of recent events and, yes, suggests maybe they didn't learn as well as they have claimed!

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