The one where I answer questions from readers of my Substack
Open Discussion ThreadHi all! I wanted to start a new discussion thread. Even though these threads are generally for paid subscribers only, I am opening this one up t…

January 2023

The Monty Hall Problem and why calling someone a bird brain may be a compliment
My first AMA will be from 3pm to 4pm Eastern on Monday, February 20th. You must be a paid subscriber to join. I’ll be sending out the link the morning…
Morality, blame, and omission-comission bias
I’m going to be answering subscriber questions from time to time in mailbag posts. I’m excited to be able to interact more directly with my readers and…
Hi all! My next cohort on is now open for registration! I ran my first cohort back in November and absolutely loved it. The students were…
Just because something is objectively true doesn't make it the truth
Lessons on longevity in Ajinomoto’s journey from MSG seasoning to semiconductor insulation
A free expert panel on next week
Why I’m Moving My Newsletter to Substack I’ve been writing the newsletter for – geez, has it really been this long? – almost six years. The newsletter…

November 2022

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